Winning millions is everyone’s fantasy, but what really happens when millions land on you without any preparation? Six recent winners discover that in order to receive their money they must first go through a workshop. Everyone won millions, no one got a shekel, everyone’s life is already in complete chaos.
Episode 1: The winners arrive at the first session of the workshop and discover to their surprise that they will not receive their winnings so soon. Their dreams begin to meet reality and get involved

Adam (Elisha Banai) is a bachelor from Givatayim, owner of a small cafe, Arnona and Zvi (Laura Rivlin and Shlomo Baraba) a couple of retired kibbutzniks, Ruthi and Amir (Shani Klein and Ofer Hayon) an engaged couple from the south of the country, Alex (Rotem Kinan) a shy and reserved accountant and Ayelet ( Roni Dalomi), the host of the workshop, who will win the millionaires workshop alongside dealing with her personal life.

Six Zeroes shatters the shining myth of the dream of winning: studies conducted around the world show that most lottery winners go bankrupt within a few years of winning, many of them quarrel with their family members, cut off social ties, become addicted to gambling or drugs, get involved with the gray market – in the end of the day, most of the winners talk about a radical and too fast change in their lives and that it would have been better for them if they had not won the money.

The series redraws a human, unfamiliar, funny, absurd, dramatic, frustrating, rough and above all realistic picture of the moment when the ultimate fantasy of all of us meets reality.