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Watch New York Boys Choir, one of the most refreshing and creative sounds in the Jewish music scene, under the leadership of renowned producer Yitzy Bald, collaborating with film producer, Yossi Zweig, Jewish Rapper Nissim Black, and musical producer and arranger extraordinaire, Doni Gross of DEG Productions. They decided to team up, to present this powerful music video/audio track, entitled “Bring It On”.

This song is an ANTI-BULLYING song.
It is about bullying and encourages those that are bullied to take a stand for themselves.
Producer of the New York Boys Choir, Yitzy Bald, recalls being bullied by a bunch of boys, as a child, for over six years, while in a certain elementary school. This was at a time when bullying was not so recognized for how terrible it really is. “These bullies were so mean. They would lie about me and get me in trouble. I clearly remember spending time in the principal`s office for things I never did. They would claim I shut down all the lights in the gym while the classes were playing in the gym (a safety hazard)… and countless other lies…They would make fun of me, isolate me from the rest of the class, and use countless, other hurtful tactics, to literally, destroy me. After fifth grade, I begged my parents to take me out of the school.
Thank G-d, my parents switched me out and sent me to a school named Yeshivah Torah Vodaath, where I had a great experience in every way. I made life long friends, had great rabbis and teachers, that I still keep in touch with, and grew in my self confidence and self esteem. The school administration`s attitude, from top to bottom, was one of positivity, and one that promoted self growth of each student and appreciated the talents and creativity of every boy. It was there that I thrived in every way, both physically and spiritually.
My Rabbi, Rabbi Pam, of blessed memory, encouraged my choice to go into the Judaic Studies teaching profession, while continuing with my musical talents. He told me not to stop my musical endeavors. On the contrary, he built me up in every way to utilize all my talents and gifts to increase the honor of heaven and bring joy to people throughout the world.”

Bottom line…Bullying destroys people…And encouragement and positivity build people.

Yitzy Bald contacted Nissim Black during the initial stages of production and asked him if he would lend his talent to this song. He replied “I too was bullied as a kid! The message resonates within me so strongly….I gotta do this with you!”

Post Script…”To this day, when some of these bullies see me in the street, they can`t even look me in the face, knowing of the damage they inflicted upon me. Let us all fight to eradicate this terrible disease by instituting a zero tolerance for bullying!”

Choir Produced & Directed by: Yitzy Bald

Copyrighted & Protected (2022) by: Yitzy Bald

Music Video Conceptualized by: Yossi Zweig

Music Production: Doni Gross

Musical Arrangements: Doni Gross

Film Production: Yossi Zweig

Photos: Moshe Gershbaum


Soloists: Shmuel Haber, Ezriel Hirsch, Naftali Hoffner, Nachi Kaufman, & Eliezer Rosenfeld

Background Vocals: Aryeh Kunstler

Recorded at: DEG Studios Brooklyn NY

Mixed and Mastered by: Doni Gross

Special Thanks to: The Parents of the Choir

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They say your stuff is not enough, they dig you in the ground
Unlucky fate, you`re not so great, they tell you get out now
You ain`t no pro, you`ve got to go, and find a different line
Don`t waste our time, not worth a dime, just leave it all behind

Bring it on, I won`t get down, I`m standing tall and fighting
Push me hard, I don`t give up, my fire igniting
(Bring it on, yeah bring it on, yeah bring it on)

RAP (Ft. Nissim Black)
You can be strong, You can hold on, gotta stand up, tell him bring it on
You don`t have to back down we`re gonna make a stand
This is the beginning of ascent young man
I believe in you, believe in yourself, You have a worth, and Hashem will help
Gotta know that in your mind everything`s a test,
You`re King David face Goliath
The world was made for you, no need for fears, you will make it through
Leave it all behind, just aim for truth,
you`re the real star, so we came for you
No bully nobody that can break you, be a gibor , like Hashem made you
Dig deep down , with everything it takes you, gotta fight fears
Because you are full of greatness.