From the film “Screams Before Silence”
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Written by Ninet Tayeb
Produced by Joseph E-Shine

When I’m scared of myself
I can’t make a sound
And if I’m trying to talk
My head meets the ground
I’m laying right there
Chained and unarmed

No don’t try to save me
I can handle fear
And if you try to save me
I would disappear
let it all be
I can handle fear

I wanna be reborn
I wanna be reborn

When it’s getting darker
It’s my time to shine
Like a star in the sky
Yours is just like mine
We’re lying right there
Waiting for a sign

No don’t try to save me
Because I can handle fear
Waterfalls around me
This time it’s not my tears
let it all be
Now it’s getting clear

I wanna be reborn
I wanna be reborn

Ninet Tayeb: Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Joseph E-Shine: Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Synth Bass
Doron Kochli: Synths, Piano

Mixed & Mastered by Doron Kochli
Recorded at TookTook studios by Oran Pollak & Joseph E-Shine

Artwork by TALOOSH Studio
Photographer: Shai Franco
Management: Asaf Gover
Executive Producers: Aviad Agami, Lior Ashkenazi
PR for Ninet: Ruty Marom
Digital Management: Digistage
Distributed by NaNa Disc