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Nothing But You (Ein Od Milvado) Music Video – An anthem of faith and message of hope in a challenging time. A reminder that no matter what happens and what we see, EIN OD MILVADO! Its all Good because its all G-d!!!

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We are so excited and blessed to share this with you all!
The world around us seems to have gone crazy. Itโ€™s overwhelming, frustrating, and so scary sometimes that it`s hard to see past the fear in our own eyes. In the midst of all of this there are three words that have given the Jewish people comfort throughout centuries of challenge and crisis- ืื™ืŸ ืขื•ื“ ืžืœื‘ื“ื•!!! Ein Od Milvado – there is nothing but you G-d. Whatever happens is part of a master plan, orchestrated by our loving father in heaven to lead us closer to him and to our best selves.
May this anthem guide us to that realization and support us through whatever we may be going through

Please enjoy, give a like, and share this message with someone who needs it!

Lchaim !! B`ahavah – with so much gratitude and love,

Tani and Jake

In the merit of the speedy recovery of our friend and brother Menachem Mendel Ben Chana


Written by: Tani and Jake Polansky
Production, Guitars, Drums, Bass: Jake Polansky
Ukulele, Keyboards, Vocal Arrangement & Percussion: Tani Polansky
Fiddle: Greg Holt
Mix and Master: Warren David
Hashem/Tatty/Father in Heaven/G-d: Our inspiration

Produced by: Kooper Studios, Adamit Production, Tani Polansky, Jake Polansky
Cinematography: Adamit Productions

Temima Polansky
Isaiah Rappaport
Emmi Rappaport
Akiva Wax

Band :
Drums: Boruch Zidele
Violin: Akiva Wax
Electric Guitar: Dovid Polansky
Tambourine: Irwin Leventer
Bass: Yosef Wildes

Josh Goldstein
Eliav Frye
Mozy and Judah Frye
Shifra Silverstein
Bonnie Polansky
Judy Freud
Nechama Bornstein
Emma and Orly Freud
Shana, Noah, and Mia Polansky
Naava Polansky
Rivka Polansky
Yonina Slamowitz
Akiva Sitzer
Rana and Anthony

Zoom Call:
Gabi Moskowitz
Chavi Feldman
Mindy Miller
Tehila Jansonson
Ruthie Alon
Tehilla and Shlomo Krasner
Tehilla Polansky

Special Thanks to:
Leah Bachon
Malka Fishman
Shulamith High School for Girls

Our endless thanks to our holy brother Zecharia Shlomo Freud for his support in making this video happen

Additionally our hakarat hatov knows no bounds to our dear friend Eliezer Meir Cohn- producer extraordinaire of Kooper Studios for putting this incredible video together, from the late nights planning, shooting, filming, editing, and producing this beautiful film. We love you bro.

To all the friends old and new, and family who came out to be a part of the shoot, to those who helped make it possible and everything in between.

And lastly to Achi Adamit, our visionary producer, cinematographer, and friend, for jumping into this project with enthusiasm and joy from the beginning and being such an incredible part of this process. We`re so grateful for everything.



I look around with open eyes and see you everywhere that I turn
In every little blessing that surrounds me there are lessons to learn
But sometimes it seems like you may not be around
And thats when i look deep within where your endless love is found

And I say

Ein Od Milvado!

In the birds and the trees and the cool ocean breeze there you are
In the sunshine on my face and the twinkle of millions of stars
Oh sometimes its all so clear, so clear to see
And in those moments a voice calls out,
Calls out from deep within me

And I say

Ein Od Milvado!
Vyadata Hayom Vhashevota, El levavecha
Vyadata Hayom Vhashevota, El levavecha, Ki hashem hu haelokim

Nothing but you

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Thanks for watching the video [Nothing But You (Ein Od Milvado)]

(Disclaimer – this was not meant to be a statement of any sort against coronavirus response, CDC guidelines, or public safety measures. This was filmed with close friends and family in a remote location)

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