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Throughout Jewish history, living amongst the nations, we’ve seen the same pattern repeat, when at some point our host country turned on us, while our Jewish brothers and sisters, regardless of where they are in the world, always show up to help.
We can have different features and skin colors, speak different languages, and even at times, seem far apart. But at our heart and for always, we’re as one soul ever united!

For having G-d, and each other to rely on, our inseparable bond will never be broken.

History proves this to be true. WE STAND THE TEST OF TIME!

May we merit to celebrate physically and spiritually as one people very soon, back in our eternal homeland Israel, with the coming of Moshiach!

This song was composed and sung originally by Devorah on her first album, released over 30 years ago.
Passionate about its meaning and relevance today, we’ve renewed it together.
Dedicating it to Batya bat Kaila a”h, our dear mother and grandmother.
One Nation was her favorite song!

May it arouse feelings of happiness and pride to belong to our wondrous Jewish nation.

❤️ Devorah and Chaya

Written & Composed: Devorah Hasofer
Arrangement: Sruli Broncher
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered: Sruli Broncher
Recorded at: Tenor studio
Music video: Avishai Levi- Clip Media

Song Lyrics:

What a wondrous people,
The old woman observed.
We are the great mystery,
Like the G-d that we serve,
We’re spread throughout the nations,
So separate and far,
Our skins are different colors,
Can’t even tell who we are…

Yet we are one nation,
One people,
With one G-d for three thousand years,
Across the borders,
We know no boundaries,
For sisters and brothers.
We stand the test of time….

Many rose to destroy us,
Though to others no harm we do,
Set on mindless cruelty,
They tried carry their plans through,
And who rushed in to help us,
Close by just a few,
But on distant sisters and brothers,
To count on them we knew.

For we are one nation, one people, with one G-d…

And to our beloved Israel,
Our eyes and hearts are turned,
Till Moshiach brings us home,
To settle where we belong
And one day in the future,
Very soon you will see,
Each one of us will live there,
And G-d will set us truly free…

The world will say that we are one nation…