It is a humbling honor to release this new song “Ordinary People” today. This is an extraordinary time we live in. There`s changes and upheavals, there`s pandemics and riots. Beautiful faces covered in masks and statues are toppling over. I peaked out of my cave and decided it`s probably best to go back in. But then I remembered the most trying times bring out not only the worst, but also the best in people. There`s heroes that can be found every day, in every color and in every uniform, saving lives on the streets and in hospitals and and ordinary people bringing great change by raising their voice. There`s people from all walks of life marching together yearning for a better world. There`s love and unity. Some of us are just trying to get through the day without falling apart. All of this mixed together, just reminds us that in the end of the day we are all ORDINARY PEOPLE working miracles…

Written and Performed by Yerachmiel
Musical Production – Mendy Portnoy
Mastered by Yerachmiel Ziegler
Graphics and Video by Mendy Portnoy

Lend me your ears, And I’ll sing u a song
About our inner fears And our need to belong
We bow to the image, And fall on our knees
silence the child in us, sometimes forgetting to breath

Carpe Diem, lets seize the day
Out of this maze we will find a way
Too much time is wasted on such frivolities
Not enough attention on what life truly means

Yea when we fall down scrape our knees
We get right back on the horse
And claim our victories
When our hearts break in two, million pieces
We give it away again
To somebody new
Were just ordinary people working miracles

Out of the frying pan, And into the flame
A ghost that haunts the halls, calls out my name
We walk a fine line, On the brink of extinction
You’re one of a kind, or Did I forget to mention