Shalom and welcome to the Parsha in 60 seconds
Today’s portion is from Numbers 1:1–4:20 it is called Bamidbar which means “in the desert.”

In the wilderness, in the second month of the second year following the Exodus from Egypt, God directed Moses to take a census of the Israelite men age 20 years and up, there were 603,550 in all.

Levites could not do military service but were in charge of the tabernacle. If outsider came close they would be killed.

God instructed a camp formation to protect the tabernacle. The Levites were consecrated to God in place of all the firstborn of the other tribes. They took care of Aaron and the priests. There were 22,300 Levites total. There were 273 more firstborn of Israel then there were Levites so God took five shekels per person and gave them to the priests.

Moses and Aaron took a separate census of the Kohathites between the ages of 30 and 50. They were in charge of carrying all sacred objects. They were not to see the objects uncovered or they would die.
And that is Bamidbar in 60 seconds.

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