Shalom and welcome to the Parsha in 60 seconds

Today’s portion is from Numbers 8:1–12:16 it is called Behaalotecha which means “when you step up.”

The Levites were dedicated to God in a ceremony that involved sprinkling water and laying hands on two bulls. It was time to celebrate Passover.
Some men were unclean. God allowed a second Passover offering on the 14th day of the second month

A cloud covered the Tabernacle by day, and a fire rested on it by night. The Israelites used silver horns to communicate to the whole camp.

The Israelites followed the cloud to the wilderness of Paran. Moses asked his father-in-law to come with the Israelites, but he refused. Moses asked again and they marched three days distance from Mount Sinai.

When the people would complain God would rain down fire on the outside of the camp until Moses prayed. The people demanded meat and Moses complained to God about the people. God would give them meat and come down and take the Spirit that rested on Moses and place it on the 70 elders. Two of the elders stayed in the camp and still received the spirit and began prophesying. This concerned Joshua but Moses said it was a good thing.

God provided quail but then sent a plague. Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses and God rebuked them and afflicted Miriam with scales. Moses asked God to heal her, but God made her go through the purification process like everyone else.
And that is Behaalotecha in 60 seconds.

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