Shalom and welcome to the Parsha in 60 seconds

Today’s portion is from Deuteronomy 32:1-52 it is called Haazinu which means “listen”
Moses asked that his speech be like rain and dew for the grass and proclaims that God is perfect and his children unworthy.

Moses reminds the Israelites that God chose the them as God’s own people. God found the Israelites in the desert and watched over them like an eagle on his nest.

God would give the Israelites everything and like spoiled children they would abandoned God for false-gods and demons. So God will hide himself from them and bring judgment among them but would not wipe them out.

When other nations would come against Israel thinking that their own might was causing Israel’s judgment, God would rise up and avenge the servants of God. That day would be a great day of judgment and cleansing.

Moses and Joshua recited all these words as a poem to the people. When Moses finished reciting, he told them to take his warnings to heart and teach their children, for it was very serious and their very lives were at stake.

Moses then climbs Mount Nebo and to see the land of Canaan and die because he had struck the rock to produce water in the wilderness of Zin, failing to uphold God’s sanctity among the Israelite people.

And that is Haazinu in 60 seconds.

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