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Parsha in 60 Seconds Presents Ki Tisa

Shalom and welcome to the Parsha in 60 seconds

Today’s portion is from Exodus 30:11–34:35 it is called Ki Tisa which means “when you take”
Moses took a census and each person 20 years old or older gave a half-shekel offering for the tent of meetings

A copper laver was placed for ceremonial washing before sacrifice.
Moses used a secret recipe to make anointing oil and anointed the entire tent of meetings.
Moses make another secret sacred incense to burn in the Tent of Meeting.
Moses recruited gifted men to supply all furnishings
Moses told the people to KEEP the Sabbath.

While receiving the two stone tablets from God, the people got finicky and demanded Aaron make them a god. So he did. He made a golden calf.
God was not happy. Moses pleaded for the people and God decided not to blow them up.
Moses was outraged by the sin of the people and chucked the tablets. He burned the calf, ground it to powder, strewed it upon the water, and made the Israelites drink it. Moses and the Levites killed 3,000 people. God plagued the rest of the sinners.

The Israelites were off to the promise land.

God was so angry the tent of meeting was moved outside the camp.
Moses asked God to lead them and He agreed. Moses wanted to see God, and God explained no one can see God’s face and live. Moses saw God’s back.

God remade the tablets.

God promised to drive out the peoples of the Promised Land and warned against idolatry, keeping the Sabbath, keeping the holidays, not practicing in pagan rituals.
40 days and 40 nights later Moses came down with the tablets. He was glowing. He spoke the law to the people and then veiled his face. When speaking to God he would unveil.
And that is Ki Tisa in 60 seconds.

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