Shalom and welcome to the Parsha in 60 seconds

Today’s portion is from Numbers 16:1-18:32 it is called Korach

Korach and friends lead 250 chieftains of the Israelite community to rise up against Moses. Moses tells Korach and his friends to take fire pans before God. The next day, Korach and his friends took pans and gathered the whole community against Moses and Aaron at the entrance of the Tabernacle. God shows up and wants to annihilate the crowd. Moses implored God not to punish the whole community so God tells Moses to tell the community to get out of the way of the rebel tents. Just as Moses finishes a short speech about God’s power the earth opened and swallows Korach, friends, and family.

Fire consumed the 250 men offering incense. And God tells Moses that only Aaron’s offspring can make incense offering. God then plagues all other rebels.
The next day, the whole Israelite community complains about all the death. God shows up and wants to annihilate all the people. Aaron makes an incense offering and stands between the dead and the living and halted the plague, but not before 14,700 had died.

Moses collects autographed staffs from the leaders of each of the twelve tribes including Aaron’s staff of Levi. The next day Aaron enters the tent and Aaron’s staff has sprouted blossoms then bore almonds. God assigns the Levites to Aaron to aid in the duties of the tent of meetings
God establishes a 10% tithe.

And that is Korach in 60 seconds.

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Full Portion Here
23 June
Parashat Korah
Num. 16:1-18:32
1 Sam. 11:14-12:22
Psalm 5
Luke 18:35-19:28

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