Shalom and welcome to the Parsha in 60 seconds

Today’s portion is from Num. 30:2-36:13 it is called Masei which means journeys.
Moses recorded their journeys from Rameses to Sukkoth to Etham to Pi-hahiroth to Marah to Elim to the Sea of Reeds to the wilderness of Sin to Dophkah to Alush to Rephidim to the wilderness of Sinai to Kibroth-hattaavah to Hazeroth to Rithmah to Rimmon-perez to Libnah to Rissah to Kehelath to Mount Shepher Haradah to Makheloth to Tahath to Terah to Mithkah to Hashmonah to Moseroth to Bene-jaakan to Hor-haggidgad to Jotbath to Abronah to Ezion-geber to Kadesh to Mount Hor.

At God’s command, Aaron ascended Mount Hor and died there, at the age of 123 years. They journeyed from Mount Hor to Zalmonah to Punon to Oboth to Iye-abarim to Dibon-gad to Almon-diblathaim to the hills of Abarim to the steppes of Moab.

God tells Moses that when they crossed the Jordan into Canaan, they were to destroy everything and take the land and divide it. If they failed the remaining inhabitance would annoy them forever. God then sets the boundaries of the land.
God sets up for the city of refuge to be established.

The cities of refuge were to serve as places for those who accidently killed someone. They would hide in the cities until their trail date. Many rules were created for these cities.

Kinsmen of Zelophehad were concerned that the daughters of Zelophehad would marry outside of their tribe. God instructed the daughters to marry their cousins within their tribe.

And that is Masei in 60 seconds.

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Reading for 23 July

Parashoat Matot/Masei
Num. 30:2(1)-36:13
Jer. 1:1-2:28: 3:4
Psalm 111 and 49
Matt 23:1-39; 24:1-25:46