Shalom and welcome to the Parsha in 60 seconds

Today’s portion is from Genesis 41:1–44:17 it is called Miketz which means “at the end”

Pharaoh had scary dreams in which seven skinny cows ate seven fat cows and another similar dream involving corn. Pharaoh inquired from all of Egypt’s wise men and magicians to interpret the dream. They Failed! The Butler recalled Joseph and told Pharaoh. Joseph interpreted that there would be seven years of good crops followed by a seven year drought. Pharaoh appointed Joseph as his #2 man in all of Egypt to prepare for these events.

When famine struck all people came to Egypt to get food. Ten of Joseph’s brothers went down to Egypt, but Jacob kept Benjamin behind to protect him. Joseph saw them, but they did not recognize Joseph.

After many tests of the brothers, which involved lots of free meals, Q&A, crying and imprisonment, Joseph had one final test. Joseph had Benjamin brought to Egypt and as they were preparing to leave Joseph hid a goblet in Benjamin’s bag. As they were departing a Joseph accused them of stealing and found the cup in the bag. Benjamin would be arrested but Judah went to Joseph’s house to save him…

And that is Miketz in 60 seconds. Will Judah save his family? Will Benjamin be a slave forever? Tune in next week to see the brother’s fate.

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