Shalom and welcome to the Parsha in 60 seconds
Today’s portion is from Numbers 4:21–7:89 it is called Nasso which means “lift up.”

Moses took several census’ in order to divide specific tasks in the tabernacle.
God directed the Israelites to purify the camp and remove unclean people.
When one wronged a fellow Israelite and realized his guilt, he was to confess and make restitution.
Sacred donations were to be the priest’s to keep.
If a husband accused his wife of being unfaithful they would go to the priest to take the test of bitter water. The test involved mixing some dirt in water, baking bread, and the wife drinking the water. If her thigh sags and belly distends, then she was unfaithful. If nothing happened she was faithful and could bear children.
Should one wish to set themselves apart for God, they would take a nazirite vow. No wine, intoxicants, vinegar, grapes, raisins, or anything obtained from the grapevine. No razor was to touch the nazirite’s head until the completion of the nazirite term. And the nazirite was not to go near a dead person.
If a person died suddenly near a nazirite, they must shave their head, make sacrifice, and start over.
On completion of the vow sacrifice was made and hair would be shaved and burned.
The Aaronic Benediction was instructed to the priest to give to the people.
The Tabernacle was completed and anointed and consecrated.
Moses would speak to God in the Tent of Meeting

And that is Nasso in 60 seconds.

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