Parsha in 60 Seconds Presents Pinchas

Shalom and welcome to the Parsha in 60 seconds

Today’s portion is from Numbers 25:10-30:1 it is called Parashoat Pinchas
After the sin of Baal-Peor, God granted Pinchas the pact of friendship and priesthood for all time because of his passion. God tells Moses to attack the Midianites because of their shinanigins with Baal-Peor.

God instructs Moses and Eleazar to count all of Israelite men 20 years old and up. The census resulted in a total of 601,730.

Moses divides and gives out land portions to all the generation that would not be entering the Promised Land. Caleb and Joshua an all who were younger than one month were not given land.

The daughters of Zelophehad request a land holding and God grants it.
Moses climbs mount Abarim and sees Israel for the first and last time. Moses appoints Joshua as the new leader.

God tells Moses to command the Israelites to be punctilious in presenting the offerings to God. offerings for regular days, the Sabbath, Rosh Chodesh, Passover, Shavuot, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Shmini Atzeret are then instructed in great detail.

And that is Pinchas in 60 seconds.

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This Weeks Readings
14 July Parashoat Pinhas
Num. 25:10-30:1
1 Kgs. 18:46-19:21
Psalm 50
Mark 11:27-12:37