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Parsha in 60 Seconds Presents Toldot

Shalom and welcome to the Parsha in 60 seconds
Today’s portion is from Genesis 25:19–28:9 it is called Toldot which means “Generations”

Isaac married Rebekah and she was barren. Isaac prayed and God allowed Rebekah to conceive. Since birth the twins fought for first place but God said the older would serve the younger. Isaac loved Esau because his hunting skills, but Rebekah loved Jacob who was a mama’s boy. Jacob traded a bowl of stew for Esau’s birthright.

During a famine Isaac settled in Gerar, and like his father Abraham told the men that Rebekah was his sister. Abimelech called his bluff and protected them.
Isaac’s wealth caused many problems with the locals and they moved away.

Isaac went to Beersheba, and met with God. While there Abimelech came and make an oath with Isaac.

Esau married two Hittite women causing bitterness for Isaac and Rebekah.
Isaac was old lost his sight, he sent Esau hunting, and intended to give him his innermost blessing before he died. Rebekah overheard and helped Jacob trick Isaac into receive Esau’s blessing. They used baby goat skin and and Esau’s clothes to disguise Jacob and Rebekah prepared a dish.

Isaac blessed Jacob. Under threat of death, Jacob ran away.
Esau realized that the Canaanite women displeased Isaac, and Esau married Ishmael’s daughter.

And that is Toldot in 60 seconds.

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