Shalom and welcome to the Parsha in 60 seconds

Today’s portion is from Leviticus 6.1–8:36 it is called Tzav which means “command,”
God tells Moses to command Aaron and the priests about the rituals of the sacrifices
The burnt offering must burn until morning, ashes placed outside the camp.
The fire was to stay lit.
The meal offering were presented before the altar, a portion of it burnt on the altar, and the rest eaten by the priests in the Tent of Meeting. The sin offering was slaughtered, burnt, and eaten in the Tent of Meeting. If blood was sprinkled in the Tent of Meeting for expiation, the entire offering was to be burned on the altar.
The guilt offerings were slaughtered, blood dashed, entrails burnt, and meat eaten in the Tent of Meeting.

The priest kept the skin. Some sacrifice meat was shared with all priests.
The peace offering, if offered for thanksgiving, came with unleavened cakes the meat had to be eaten on the day that it was offered. If offered as a votive or a freewill offering, it could be eaten for two days.

Unclean meat was off limits. Fat and blood was off limits.
The person offering the peace offering had to present the offering and its fat himself.
The whole community gathered at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting for the priests’ ordination. Aaron and his sons were now official priests. To complete their ordination they remained in the tent of meeting for seven days.
And that is Tzav in 60 seconds.

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