Parsha in 60 Seconds Presents Va’yeitzi

Shalom and welcome to the Parsha in 60 seconds

Today’s portion is from Genesis 28:10–32:3 it is called Va’yeitzi which means “and he went out”

Jacob was on the run. While using a stone for a pillow, he dreamed a ladder to heaven with angels ascended and descended. God stood beside him and made a promise.
Jacob arrived at Haran. When Jacob saw Rachel he chucked a huge stone from the well’s mouth, watered Laban’s sheep, kissed Rachel, wept like a baby, and told her that they were related. Laban welcomed Jacob as family. Laban had two daughters: The elder, Leah, had weak eyes, while the younger, Rachel, was beautiful.

Jacob worked seven years to marry Rachel but on their wedding night Laban gave Jacob the slip and gave his older less attractive daughter Leah. Doh! So Jacob worked another seven years and married Rachel as well. Leah was very fertile and Rachel was barren. Many babies and way too much drama later, Jacob was thinking about moving home. Jacob had been scamming Laban in the sheep business and Laban eventually caught on. Jacob tried to leave secretly with all the possessions but was caught. After a long confrontation Laban and Jacob decided to make a covenant not to harm each other.

Laban said goodbye, blessed them, and went home. When Jacob left, the angels of God met him.

And that is Va’yeitzi in 60 seconds.

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