Imagine you were put in a committee that had to decide the name for the Jewish holiday that commemorates the Jewish people’s exodus from Egypt – what do you think you would go with? Independence Day? Freedom day? Miracles day? And then imagine if someone at the committee put their hand up and said “wait, I’ve got an idea for you” – “why don’t we call it Passover?” Passover? Why call it that? “Well remember all those plagues that G-d performed against the Egyptians – well on the last plague against all the firstborn in Egypt God told the Hebrews to place lamb’s blood on their door post and he would then “pass over” their houses, sparing them from the plague. So let’s call it “Passover”. Seriously? You’d probably look around at the others on the committee and be like – come on? Is this guy serious? But we do call it Passover. Watch this J-TV video to find out why!