Passover Rhapsody – A Jewish Rock Opera

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Written by
Produced by &
Directed by Shoot East
Vocals by Mitch Clyman and Chanan Elias

Puppets Created by Ester Kogan-Pekar, Gili Kozin-Ulmer
Puppeteering by Izaak Pekar
Assistant Puppeteering by Nadia Tichonova

Camera by Yirmiyahu Vann
Assistant Cameraman: Aaron Rotenberg

Production Design by Eli Kaplan-Wildmann
Assistant Set Designer: Zoe Jurkowski
Additional Design Assistance: Sarah Gutmann, Jenny Morris, Maia Hoberman
Additional Construction and Assistance: Ariel Smith and Tehilla Zeff

Production Manager: Renana Levine

Special Thanks to
Kosher Delight
Josh Landes
Midreshet Emunah V’Omanut
The Train Theater

and Queen