Pesach at Fairmont Grand Del Mar, San Diego, CA

In its 31st year of hosting exclusive Passover programs, VIP Kosher Tours invites you to indulge in a breathtaking Boutique Pesach experience in the heart of San Diego, California. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the #1 rated luxury hotel in the US by Trip Advisor, the Fairmont Grand Del Mar, this Passover program promises an unparalleled blend of luxury, exquisite cuisine, and a wealth of recreational activities.

A Five-Star, Five-Diamond Oasis

Nestled on 400 acres, the Fairmont Grand Del Mar stands as a testament to luxury, earning its distinction as a 5-star, 5-diamond resort. Boasting one of only 60 Forbes 5-star spas worldwide, the resort promises an indulgent and rejuvenating experience for guests.

Resort Highlights

Pools: Enjoy the California sun in style with access to four pools, each providing a unique atmosphere for relaxation and recreation.

White Sand Seating Areas: Immerse yourself in tranquility at the resort’s white sand seating areas, offering a serene escape for contemplation or socializing.

Horseback Riding and Lessons: Experience the thrill of horseback riding with lessons provided for both beginners and seasoned riders.

Tennis and Pickleball: Sharpen your racquet skills on the tennis courts or engage in the increasingly popular game of pickleball.

Golf and Archery: Tee off on the resort’s world-class golf course or try your hand at archery for a unique and exciting experience.

Biking and Hiking Trails: Explore the expansive grounds through scenic biking and hiking trails, catering to all fitness levels.

Glowing Fire Pits: As the sun sets, gather around glowing fire pits scattered throughout the resort, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

Culinary Excellence

VIP Kosher Tours takes pride in curating a culinary experience that matches the grandeur of the Fairmont Grand Del Mar. With a focus on Glatt Kosher cuisine, the Passover program ensures that each meal is a gourmet delight prepared by skilled chefs.

VIP Kosher Tours’ 31st-year Passover program at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar in San Diego, California, promises a truly exclusive and luxurious experience. Whether indulging in the world-class spa, partaking in outdoor activities, or savoring exquisite kosher cuisine, guests can expect nothing short of perfection in this breathtaking setting. As the sun sets over the Pacific, the glow of fire pits will mark the beginning of memorable evenings in this unparalleled haven of opulence.