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Please consider helping me make the next video: No matter what, I’ll continue making videos-lord knows it fills up a hole inside of my heart and makes me feel so fulfilled-and I love editing and learning and social media-ing 🙂 But they get expensive, and I would actually like to up my production levels by a LOT, but am not currently able to-which is totally fine, and I’m so grateful for what I AM able to do, but just imagine the possibilities, and you could be a part of them! Ok, anyways, I’m done-but I also offer all sorts of things in exchange for your help, so maybe
Filming: Nico (I don’t know your last name, man)
Orchestra & Mixing: Kong
Pirates: Daniel Gindis, Dani Levitt, Jason Kipp, David Miles, Dov Fund
Makeup for Zombie pirates: Sharon Esther
Graphic Posters: Darshan Jain
Editing, costumes, violin, scripting, imagining, freaking out-that was me 🙂

Pirates of the Carribean is the BEST movie soundtrack music (in my opinion 😉 but there’s so much more awesome music than just “He’s a Pirate” !!!!! So, I went totally against the trend of all violinists in the world needing to do a cover of “He’s a Pirate” and added a few original themes, as well as “To the Pirates Cave” and “Fog Bound” from Dead men tell no tales. And then someone suggested the name “Dead Man’s Fiddle”, which I totally loved. I know I look nothing like Johnny Depp but I love me an epic movie soundtrack, and the pirate theme song is definitely a great one- pirate violin !! And a Pirates of the Carribean violin cover is basically the best thing that you can possibly do.

Thanks to the incredible Kong, who I wouldn’t be able to create any of this music without-and of course without Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt. Please please please check out his channel, especially if you are a violinist- he creates the most INCREDIBLE orchestral backing tracks, to a lot of classical music and does loads of other cool, interesting musical things. So follow him! And if you are a violinist, join his team on Patreon to get access to WAV files for amazing accompaniment tracks. Seriously. You are all so lucky that he exists to make your life so much better!!!!!!
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Also, YAPS is a brand new youtube channel by Dani Levitt, and it is funny as….well something hilarious.

Lastly, I love it when you are in touch with me. I really appreciate every single like, comment, and share- and every private message means so much to me. I dedicate time every day and try to respond to every single comment on my channel here and also on facebook, instagram, and twitter. Twitter has gotten overwhelming, so I’m really not on top of that anymore, but all the other platforms, I do my best. I really care about you and want to hear about you and meet you and talk to you and answer your questions! So feel free to get in touch. Also, I need your help to do anything that I do. Your support and encouragement make everything that I do worth it-despite the fact that sometimes it’s overwhelming. Your suggestions also shape my channel, so suggest away!!!!!!

let’s just stick with those socials shall we? So I don’t go insane 🙂 but please please please get in touch! Ariella Zeitlin
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