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As part of the Zichron Basalon project on the occasion of Holocaust Day, a group of serious gamers played a computer game with Holocaust survivors.

The project comes to emphasize that although we have all heard about World War II (the Holocaust period), read stories and played games based on it, nothing comes close to first-hand testimony, and that is what we are focusing on in this project, first-hand testimony within the physical locations within a computer game, going back to hear First-hand testimony, because we must not forget.

In this story, together with Moshe Kessler, we went back into the Buchenwald extermination camp which he survived, we all know maps from computer games about World War II, but they knew them closely, it is important to hear their story, remember and not forget.

It is our duty, every generation on Holocaust Day, but not only, to share and remember the stories about what happened to the Jews during this period, the younger generation must also be exposed to it, therefore expose this project to as many people as possible, and preserve the subject, the story and this project so that exists for future generations.

This initiative is something innovative that has never happened in the world, the sharing of gaming and the Holocaust may sound strange, but the “physical” connection within the game creates a very deep feeling of closeness to the place and the event, in a special way and brings an angle that we have not yet seen about stories that we all must hear.