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Sing it again… The truth is we decided against doing any any “OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEOS” for this album. We were over budget and we just wanted to let the music do the talking, but having had a minute to sit back and let the fact soak in that close to 500 of you pre-ordered this record in a show of your incredible support (when we all know that you will be receiving it for free on your streaming platform of choice regardless), that deeply moves us and we wanted to do a tiny recap of some of our journey thus far which you (by virtue of the fact that you are reading this) are such a crucial part of. With this in mind, we figured it deserved something simple and homey which touches upon bits n’ bobs of our story thus far.

Some songs come about in the most mysterious of ways. “Sing it again” marked a magical moment for us.

Sruli calls Mendy from a bus one day on their way in to the studio (on what was proving to be a particularly challenging week on the career front). “I have makings of a song that will fit perfectly as the closing-song on the album”. When we got to the studio, Sruli sat at the piano and played the the chorus to Mendy who responded “ I was actually playing this old verse idea this morning which is in the same key and I wonder if they would work together’… a few hours later and the rest is history. This song isn’t biographical as such, but we dug deep to find the feelings which as people on artistic journeys, we hope inspires others on their personal journeys. It may feel long and draggy and sometimes exhausting but in those moments, we try and focus on the fact “it’s the riding, not arriving, that will take us home”.