Marking 100 days since October 7th, War Cabinet Minster, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, Cantor Netanel Hershtik and the Maccabeats join in prayer for the IDF.

Produced by Netanel Hershtik for Naveh Inc.


Video Production: @adamitproductions
Lt. Gen Benny Gantz’s video filming- @idoweisman3951

Lyrics: Rabbi Shmuel Avidor Hacohen and adopted by Rabbi Shlomo Goren following operation “Kadesh” in 1956.
Composed by Dubi Zeltzer.
Adapted from the tune of “El Eretz Tzvi” as sung by Yehoram Gaon for the lyrics of “El Eretz Tzvi” by Telma Alyagon.

Arranged by Steve Cohen

@netanelhershtikofficial4142 @TheMaccabeats , Jacob Spadaro, TABC studio 1600 Choir, Yavneh Academy choir – Paramus NJ, Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy choir – Los Angeles, CA, Yeshiva College choir, Johannesburg SA.

Bass: Mike Hall
Drums: Gal Gershowsky
Keys: Brian Gelfand
Strings ensemble led by Bar Haimov

Recorded at Teaneck Sound and Studio G Brooklyn by @maimonester and Dave Kowalski.
Mixed by @edboyer93Ed Boyer