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This week on History of Israel Explained – Meet the founding fathers of Israel. We discuss two names that dominate the conversation of old-school Israeli politics, Israeli prime ministers and political enemies, David Ben-Gurion and Menachem Begin. We explore their two opposing views and how they shaped Israel. So, how did a successful, albeit flawed, modern state emerge from this intense division? Subscribe and check out more awesome UNPACKED videos! GET SOCIAL @ UNPACKED

———— GPO Israel/Brauner Teddy/Moshe Pridan/Hans Pinns/Fritz Cohen/Zoltan Kluger/ Courtesy of the Jabotinsky Institute. NavSource Executive Producers: – Shevi Peters – Adam Milstein Platinum Level: – Rachel & Jack ז”ל Gindi Family Foundation This series would not be possible without the generous support of: – The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation ———– #Israel #History #Zionism Prime Ministers: The Clash of Ben-Gurion and Begin

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