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“Look Up” Credits:
Produced by fwd|NYC
Video by Munch Media
Executive Producer: Shmuli Rosenberg
Director: Menachem Weinstein
Israel Video Production: Sigler Media


Associate Producer: Julia Gulyamov
1st DP: Daniel Shaw
1st AC: Sadiel Martinez
2nd DP: Damian Belden
Casting: X Production Co
Israel scenes Director: Itzhak Sigler
DP: David Shlomo
Asst DP: Avi Ludmir
Art Director & Wardrobe: Abigail Gur
Coloring & Additional Editing: Dov Gurewicz


Lead Actor: Yonatan Shafigi
Schneur Smith
Yossi Rodal & Son
Ben Pellin
Gabe Cohen
Gabe Beger
Aidan Branda
Ben Berger
Lidor Cohen
Jonathan Malka
Zachary Galynsky
Sean Chukhman

Israel Cast

Shmuly Zucker
Amichai Zucker
Efy Potolsky
Iti Garnowitz
Avi Ludmir

Song Credits

Produced by fwd|NYC
Performed by 8th Day
Composed and arranged by Shmuli Rosenberg with Christina Dupree
Mixed and Mastered at fwd|NYC

A special thank you to: The Beverly Hills Bagel Company, Eli Goldman, Avi Gordon, Menachem Silverstein, Defus Shava, Mamtakei Izabel, Shuk Machane Yehuda.

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