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From Hasidic punk rockers, Yiddish street performers, African-American Jewish activists, this film covers politics, art, fashion, and religion like you have never seen before. Punk Jews explores a rising trend among committed Jews who are sincerely asking and expressing what it really means to be Jewish in the 21st century while smashing stereotypes. The term ‘punk’ is usually used to describe a group of singers with Mohawks and safety pins in their ears but the true essence of punk are people that don’t conform to the established expectations, who express themselves freely regardless of the opinions of others. This documentary is about ‘punk’ Jews.

Like most religious cultures, Judaism is struggling to bridge the gap between tradition and the modern world. There seem to be many different contradictory interpretations of Jewish traditions and many wrestle to find the answers to common questions regarding the stereotypes, rules, and regulations. This film takes us to New York City where there’s a new movement of young Jewish people expressing Judaism in unconventional ways. They are defying the norm at any cost as they embrace their Jewish identity in their own rediscovered ways.