I`m delighted and excited to introduce my new book `Morality: Restoring the Common Good in Divided Times`, publishing in the US by Basic Books on September 1st 2020. Order your copy now via https://bit.ly/312P61U. #Morality #CommonGood #DividedTimes

Advance Praise:

“Jonathan Sacks has produced a work of extraordinary depth, beauty, urgency, and erudition. If the prophets of the Hebrew Bible came back to guide liberal democracies and anxious citizens through this difficult time, but first they studied modern history and social science, this is the book they would write for us.” – Jonathan Haidt, author of The Righteous Mind and coauthor of The Coddling of the American Mind

“Jonathan Sacks is one of the great moral thinkers of our time. His latest book, Morality, applies his powerful approach to the unprecedented challenges of our time –social, political, economic, and above all, cultural. May his words be heeded throughout the land.” – Robert D. Putnam, author of Bowling Alone and The Upswing