As we begin the 3 weeks (the annual period of Jewish mourning of historical tragedies), it is certainly not the easiest time of the year. This year in particular has been a struggle for all of us. At the same time, we must remember that together and only together we will emerge stronger!

Lean on Me (by Bill Withers) and Acheinu (the classic Jewish prayer for reuniting and reunifying the nation) remind us that we are all brothers and sisters—one people striving to be there for each other. The making of this clip truly made this a reality. We are excited to introduce to you two new Rabotai members, and we hope to bring a little joy and togetherness during these times!

We can`t wait to be back singing with you very soon!

Video editing: Daniel Brill
Audio production and Musical arrangement: Noah Bar Shain

Thank you also to Betzalel for filming and hosting us, as well as to Brian for the idea to sing Lean on Me, and to Ariav for the idea to mash it up with Acheinu.

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