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I had the honor of singing Rachem with ladies from all over the world, on a Chabad Livestream “United for Geulah” on the Yartzheit of Rachel Imeinu.

It was so inspiring to hear directly from shluchot from all over the world, on this Global Livestream event. All of the women are such leaders and have so much wisdom to share. I was especially inspired by two shluchos, one woman from from Israel who lost her child and despite all odds had a fountain of emunah, bitachon and inspiring words to share, and also the shluchah from Ukraine who’s unwavering courage of her and her family to stay and not abandon their community during the war even when running to bomb shelters in middle of the night.

Thank you for helping bring the yearning for geulah to the forfront of my mind. Every single jew is supposed to daven and yearn for mashiach and the Beis Hamikdash every day of their life.

This song from Shwekey ( I mistakenly contributed it to miami boys choir because I remember it from a miami boys choir show with Shwekey and Shapiro) is a powerful song that I’ve been singing since I’m little in school, camp, and at home. These powerful lyrics are from Birchas Hamazon, and means Hashem please have mercy on all of us, individually, as a Jewish Nation, on Eretz Yisroel, on Malchus Beis David, and on the third Beis Hamikdash that were longing for with all of our hearts and souls.

Hoping you sing along with some awesome harmonies,

Recorded Live at Keynor Studios in Lakewood NJ
Video and Edit by Nockout Media