Mordechai and his wife waiting for their first child 17 years.

During that time Mordechai invested himself into learning more about infertility and what treatments can be helpful. He became an expert in the field, trusted and asked for advice by than many prestigous doctors.

Mordechai Koenig is the director of medical affairs at ATime, an organization that offers support and resources for couples struggling with infertility.




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Bais Sholom Yeshivah was founded by Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin close to 30 years ago in Postville Iowa. 

Our guiding principle is to “let our students dignity be precious to us, as if it were our own”. 

Our Bochurim receive individual guidance to help them grow in all aspects of Yiddishkeit. Each Bachur is given the proper attention and emotional space to grow, while gently being pushed to raise his own standards. At the same time maintaining the standard Yeshivah structure.


We are currently working on renovating our Yeshiva Building including the kitchen and dining area. Please partner with us in this amazing opportunity on fueling the next generation with Torah permeated with Ahavas Hashem and Ahavas Yisroel.


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