The Rebbe’s Orchim are YOUR Guests

Join Moshe Rubashkin in Hosting Thousands of Guests this Tishrei

When it comes to Tishrei, the Crown Heights community has the tremendous zechus to host thousands of guests over the course of several weeks. The Rebbe’s care and personal interest in the welfare of his orchim stands as a timeless reminder to us all: guests are precious, and their comfort must be a major priority.

The Rebbe’s orchim are arriving right now! These are the chassidim who have spent hours and days traveling to Crown Heights to spend Tishrei by the Rebbe – but when there are no rooms available to rent, or hosts have no more seats for bochurim or girls, or finances are simply too tight, hundreds are left in the lurch each year. This is no way to spend yontif.

For years, Reb Moshe Rubashkin has taken the Rebbe’s imperatives to heart. He makes hachnasas orchim his personal mission during this month of holidays and visitors. He has opened his home, building an expansive Sukkah to accommodate the hundreds of orchim he hosts each Tishrei. He has opened his arms, inviting anyone to stay in the guest rooms in his house – full room and board, free of charge.

The Rubashkin Hachnasas Orchim House, known as Avraham Avinu’s Tent of Crown Heights, is named for Reb Moshe’s father obm, אברהם אהון הלוי ע”ה. Reb Moshe certainly makes the most of the hashgocha protis, serving the Rebbe’s orchim with pride in honor. In addition to the guiding light of the Rebbe, Reb Moshe has certainly developed a strong connection to the essence of Avraham Avinu, infusing tremendous chesed into his extreme hachnasas orchim initiative.

Reb Moshe’s guests are the Rebbe’s orchim.

And caring for these visitors is a shlichus for all of Anash.

This mission is for all of us. You might be expecting to host guests for yontif meals this Tishrei. But what about next Tuesday? Not yontif, not chol hamoed, not Shabbos – many of us won’t be doing the mitzvah of hachnasos orchim…but the Rubashkin House will. Your partnership with Reb Moshe is your opportunity to do hachnasas orchim for thousands of Yidden – nonstop – throughout the month of din, teshuva, and mechila.

Reb Moshe’s guests are the Rebbe’s guests.

Avraham Avinu’s Tent is our guesthouse.

Let’s welcome our holy orchim to their Tishrei home by partnering with the Rebbe and the Rubashkin Hachnasos Orchim House!