We’re kicking off Unpacked’s newest channel, Big Jewish Ideas, with “The Big Ten.” While you may think you know about the Ten Commandments, this series is nothing like what they covered in Hebrew School. Join me, Noey Jacobson, on a journey to reimagine these thousands of years-old laws as a living, breathing guide to everyday Jewish life, tradition and society in 2023.

00:00 A series about the Ten Commandments
00:42 Making the case for watching a video about the 10 Commandments
01:28 “Who can resist the call of the Mystery Box?” (Family Guy)
01:52 Distractions caused by enchantment with the unknown
02:15 Disillusionment with the Mystery Box
02:47 Part of being Jewish is being part of an ancient tradition
03:49 Actually the 10 “essential truths”
04:13 The 10 Commandments contains ALL 613 “mitzvot”
04:38 10 foundational principles for attaining “the Good Life”
05:19 Outro

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Executive Producers:
Shalom Schwartz
Nitzan Bergman

Gold Level:
Lauren & Ezra Kest
Charles Crane Family Foundation
In loving memory of Ezriel ben David z”l

This video was co-produced by The Aseret Movement and OpenDor Media. The Aseret Movement is devoted to introducing and teaching people, regardless of affiliation, to the Ten Commandments as a simple and profound way to live a meaningful life. For more information go to https://www.aseretglobal.org/.
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