On October 3rd, Yehuda became a Bar Mitzvah. Once again, Rock Mishpacha played a musical set, but this time, every one of the kids performed. Please like and subscribe as we have a lot of new content coming. Let us know in the comments which MBD songs you’d like to hear in our next “Favorites” set. If we like your choices, you might win a Sweetwater Gift Card for $500!

It’s time to thank a few people.

First and foremost, we would like to thank HaShem (G-d) for giving us the opportunity to play music together.

Next up, is our mother. Although she’s not in the video, if not for Mommy, this wouldn’t have happened.

Avremi G. Not only did he create this arrangement, but he made sure that each of us were pushed to our maximum capabilities! He’s also the best conductor – just look at the interactions between him and Miriam & Dovid! Avremi – thank you so much! You literally rock!

John Tendy (and Claudia & Joe) You guys are always so much fun to work with – and you do an incredible job! Thanks for your hard work in preparing this masterpiece!

Ian – It’s mind-boggling how you’re able to transform live recorded audio into digital masterpieces. Thank you for your hard work and attention to detail!

Mendy Herskowitz – Fine. You guys sounded a bit better than we did. In all seriousness, your music is top-notch, and everyone had a great time at the Bar Mitzvah. Thank you!

To our teachers. Peter Sparacino, Scott Kulick, Mark Feinberg, John Tendy, Gal Gershovsky, Nachman Dryer, Aryeh Kunstler, Ben Holmes, & Ramon. Our teachers are the ones who push us, and we’re so grateful to all of them. Visit our website www.Rockmishpacha.com for more information about our outstanding teachers.

Eli Marcus. When it came time to play our “Fried Favorites” we compiled a list of all the popular singers. When your name came up, we all looked at each other and smiled. You’re not only an incredible singer, but you’re also a fantastic performer.

Avraham Fried. Well, our parents have always loved your Hartzigeh music and powerful voice. It seemed only fitting that the first singer we did a “favorites” collection would be yours.

We hope you all enjoyed watching and listening.