“Shamil” draws from the tale of Imam Shamil, a leader of tribes in Russia’s Caucasus Mountains over a century ago. Amidst Russian attacks, Shamil’s leadership thwarts defeat. However, a treacherous peace proposal leads to his imprisonment. The song’s melody mirrors Shamil’s reflections on lost liberty, echoing the soul’s struggle and longing.

The Rebbe’s teachings imbue the melody with deeper meaning, paralleling the soul’s descent to Earth. Just as Shamil yearns for his mountain home, the soul craves liberation from earthly desires. Rogers Park weaves Shamil’s yearning in with Chana’s yearning for a child, crafting a poignant song speaking to the struggle and desire to live our mission.

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Song written by: Mordy Kurtz
Lyrics: Mordy Kurtz and adapted from Rabbi Shlomo Sternberg
Produced by Matt Dougherty
Album Art: Rosie Goodman