0:00 Intro
1:13 What does the name “Ashkenaz” mean and where exactly does it refer to?
3:14 Was there widespread sexual violence against Jewish women in Ashkenaz?
4:54 Are there any Herodian descendants living today?
6:38 How many people were killed in the Kitos War?
7:47 Was Rabbi Akiva’s Bnei Brak the same as the modern city?
8:30 If Hadrian was so unpopular, why is he remembered positively in the West today?
10:27 Correction: Simon Bar Yochai escaped execution
10:54 Why didn’t I mention the Zohar?
11:36 Why do some years in the Hebrew calendar have a slightly different number of days?
14:17 How accurate is the Hebrew calendar?
16:20 How does the Samaritan calendar work?
17:16 What happened to the menorah after it returned to Jerusalem?

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