Get inspired before Rosh Hashana with the incredible story of Donny Fein, who launched The Mitzvah Opportunity, a WhatsApp Group that deploys hundreds of thousands of shekels monthly, helping hundreds of struggling families in Israel. It’s like Hatzala for Tzedakka.

Since the Group’s inception, The Mitzvah Opportunity has raised well over 5 million shekel, and today has nearly 750 Givers from around the world.

Learn more about the Simanim with Nahva Follman from Nshei Keren Hasviis and Ilana Toweg, a shomer shmita farmer in Israel, who we featured in our film ‘Lost & Found’.

Nahva Follman the spokesperson for Nshei/Keren Hashviis/L’kayem The organizing that supports the Israeli farmers to keep Shmitah

song featured: Elul by Pumpedisa

Produced and Edited by: Naomi Garfinkel
Camera: Elyasaf Yehuda

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