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What are the rules of expectation for Satmar Hasidic girls?

In my most recent documentary on Hasidim and the internet, I showed a few pages of the Satmar Girl’s school rulebook. This is the rulebook that contains a great many rules that the school has for its students. Among them are rules on modesty, vacationing, technology, college education, and more. Some people asked to see more of it, so I am going through it in two installments. I already shared the first half here:

0:00 Recap part 1
1:50 Rules of recess snacks
6:12 Lice
13:03 Against long robes
17:05 Against the music scene
24:00 Against the eruv
29:13 Against Florida
31:47 Against conference calls, hotlines
38:20 Against going out at night
41:38 Rules for weddings
44:06 Against forbidden reading material
47:40 Against college
51:00 Against technologies