Genesis Philanthropy Group and Studio Namedni present a documentary trilogy about the phenomenon of Russian Jews – in Russia and beyond. Author and narrator: Leonid Parfenov. Director: Sergey Nurmamed.

The first film of the trilogy by famous Russian journalist and TV host Leonid Parfenov tells the story of the Jewish people across Russian empire, their traditional way of life in Russia and their entering into the society at large, about famous bankers, scientists and artists reshaping their attitude to the rites of their ancestry.

It is the story about the Russian word “pogrom” entering foreign dictionaries, about the Beylis Case and about the first wave of Jewish emigration. It is about the revolutionaries who shattered the Tsarist regime and changed the fate of the country in October 1917.

The next two films of the trilogy will cover the more recent pages of the Russian Jews’ story and their self-identification.

Film 2 with English subs:

Film 3 with English subs:

Full trilogy, original version, in Russian:

Full trilogy with Hebrew subs:

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