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Winner of the directing and editing awards at the Jerusalem Festival and nominated for seven Ophir awards. The story of Kochva Levi, a young eastern woman who was taken hostage during the attack on the “Savoy” hotel in Tel Aviv (March 1975). In the course of a nightmarish night, she emerges as a resourceful and fearless heroine. Using her knowledge of the Arabic language, she establishes a relationship of trust with the leader of the Palestinian squad, Muhammad Masalaha, and mediates between him and the military forces surrounding the hotel. She administers first aid to the wounded on both sides and gives everyone present hope that the incident will end without further bloodshed, but at dawn, when the army forces break into the building, malicious rumors tarnish her name. Kochva knew almost nothing about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict until the night she stumbled upon the hotel, when eight Palestinian militants, members of the Fatah squad, broke into it and demanded the release of ten security prisoners from the prison in exchange for the nine hostages they had captured in the hotel. During that night, he lay next to The hotel concierge is a sound enthusiast named Robert Wagner, and recorded everything that happened. In the recordings you can hear the voices of Kochva, the kidnappers, the hostages, and Robbie Peled, who conducted the negotiations on behalf of the army. In July 2019, Kochva Levi passed away. Now her story has been fully revealed for the first time.

Behind the scenes: