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In 2018, world renowned archaeologist, Dr. Eilat Mazar announced the discovery of a seal impression, dating back some 2,700 years, in the Ophel excavation, situated between the Temple Mount and the City of David – the place where Jerusalem began.

The seal impression, half an inch in diameter, bears the name Yesha’yah[u] (the Hebrew name of Isaiah) in ancient Hebrew writing, followed by the letters N-V-Y – which are the three first letters of the word for prophet (navi, spelled in Hebrew.) Dr. Mazar believes that the seal impression contains the name of Isaiah the Prophet, contemporary of the Biblical King Hezekiah, whose seal impression Dr. Mazar discovered just a few feet away in the same excavation in 2015.

City of David: Bringing the Bible to Life is a series of short videos highlighting archeological discoveries relating to the City of David – the place where Jerusalem began – affirming Jerusalem’s Biblical heritage.

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Video credit: Gil Mezuman & City of David Archives