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המפקדת Hamefakedet — The Commander, winner of 10 Academy Awards, including the best comedy-drama series, returns in a new season.

Episode 1: Before the start of a new cycle, the veterans go out for a fun day at a water park. Noa and the commanders discover that the events of the previous cycle gave them a bad name.

The comedy-drama series, created by Atara Frish and Nir Berger, won great acclaim among viewers and was the big winner of the Academy Awards ceremony, where it won 10 awards, including best comedy-drama, screenplay, direction, lead actress, supporting actress and more. The plot of the new season continues the events of the first season of Platoon 3, Volcano Company. New characters will try to undermine the existing order and will force the heroines to face ever more complex power relations, the absurdity of the system, and the eternal question – what is a commander? In the current cycle, a group of reservists will arrive in the rookie department, which will change the dynamics in the department and the base and dictate a new military order. The musical duo Eko and Tomer Katz, who are responsible for the soundtrack of the first season and the hits “Eyes to me” and “Oh My Life” continue to record and collaborate in the new season as well. The series was created by Atara Frish and Nir Berger Director: Atara Frish Producers: Sa’ar Yogev, Naomi Labari – Black Sheep Film Productions

Episode 2

Episode 3: Tslil sets out on a journey outside the borders of the base and stumbles upon a festive and unexpected event.

Episode 4: While Noa is afraid of her headquarters getting closer to Toli, Yogev discovers that Hillel is having trouble integrating into Noa’s department and initiates an operation to restore his social standing.

Plus bloopers:

Eko and Tomer Katz, the musicians behind the soundtrack of the commanding series, in a special live session in honor of the end of the second season of the series.