A five-episode docu-series that explores secularism in Israel. Secularism is one of the cornerstones of Israeliness, despite this, we usually treat it only as a side in the conflict between religious and secular. But secularism is much more than that. Secularism is a worldview that fundamentally shaped the reality in which we live. She placed the person in the center and instilled in humanity a scale of values of equality, freedom, human rights, individualism, democracy, nationalism, feminism, the pursuit of happiness and self-realization.

Israeli secularism, without which the state would not have been established, is an integral part of the global secularization processes, but its story is especially complicated and convoluted, because in Judaism, religion and nationality are intertwined in a way that makes it difficult to separate them. The State of Israel did not succeed, and perhaps never really tried, to decide the questions of the relationship between nationality and religion. The renewed secular nationalism sought to formulate a national narrative detached from religion, a new story to be told in sick Hebrew, secular Hebrew culture and education. It seems that today’s Israeli culture is moving away from the secularism of its founders and an ever-widening rift between the sides of the Jewish state and the sides of the democratic state, threatens more than ever the inhabitants of the country.

The five episodes of the series together encompass secularism and its influence on various aspects of life: on the private level, in the public sphere, in the cultural arena and in our relationship to the country. The series includes rare archival footage.

Episode 2: What is secularism in the relationship between man and himself? A journey in the development of the free individual, up to the peak of narcissism in social networks.