Composed and performed by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko
Recorded by Yisrael Ament

Each week the Jewish people are commanded to observe and cherish the day of Shabbat. We usher in the day by marking it’s holiness through reciting the Kiddush. This is a Biblical commandment, reminding us that G-d Hashem created the world in six days and on the seventh day, He rested. Let us cherish this beautiful day each week with our friends and family.

This version of Kiddush, which Rabbi Benzion Klatzko composed, has been influenced by the tradition of his grandfather, Rabbi Meier Eisemann, who hailed Frankfurt, Germany (and was a member the Frankfurt Synagogue choir before the Holocaust). This is the same Kiddush he sings each week at his home in Monsey, New York. Rabbi Klatzko has been asked many times by his Shabbat guests to record this Kiddush so that they may learn it and share it with their families. Please enjoy! Shabbat Shalom! is the world’s largest Jewish social network, an organization consisting of a global social media platform and app that assists people to find places for Shabbos, Shidduchim, Jobs, and Chevrusas. is active in 220 countries.