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Can’t wait any longer for Shabbat to come? We sure can’t! Ever wonder what a Rabotai Shabbat is like??

Introducing: Shabbat With Rabotai

Stay tuned each week as we take you through a fun, soulful and energised Shabbat experience right in your own home :). Let us know which Shabbat song is your favourite that you would love to hear live! Looking forward to bringing our Shabbat to your smachot!

Let`s kickstart with Kabbalat Shabbat..Lechu Neranena…! (Above)

Two days left till Shabbat, but we are celebrating already!! Back from shul on Friday night and ready to eat? Check out part 2 of our series, “Shabbat with Rabotai” and sing your favourite song this coming Shabbat!

Shabbat is over already?! Don’t worry, we’ll keep it going for you! This Musaf is fit for a king, and you won’t want to miss our earth-shattering Aleinu! We are excited to share part 3 of of our series “Shabbat with Rabotai”. We hope this gives you some ideas for tunes you can use this Shabbat!

After an inspirational mussaf, nothing like a shabbat meal with good food and good song! Join us for shabbat lunch Rabotai style, and get some ideas for tunes for your shabbat table!

Even when Shabbat comes to a close, we are with you all the way. It has been a pleasure to share our series with you. Enjoy our final medley – Seudat Shlishit/Havdalah.

Now that you had a taste what a Shabbat with Rabotai sounds like, what’s your favourite part of Shabbat? We can’t wait to join you and bring much more energy, fun and soul to your event!

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