Benny Bransdorfer is the one musician everyone was waiting for…

His music encapsulates and boasts a fantastic and colourful range of classical, Jazz & Hasidic style music fit for any given occasion. His sheer musical talent has seen him arranging music for world famous music producers and artists. A TRUE MUSIC STAR IN THE MAKING!

Gershi Uri is the new up and coming artist who is forever thriving with his most thrilling performances. Be it his spectacular voice and jaw dropping range of singing, his demeanour and loving character is everyone’s favourite! Gershi by all accounts is surely the one singer to look out for!!

The Negina choir has as ever delivered a stellar accompaniment with their
unique and rich sounding vocals. Negina choir has once again nailed their place

as Europe’s leading Chassidic choir!

Kol Birchoin – Michoel Schnitzler
Boyee – Dudi Kalish
Shabbos Sholem – Dov Hoffman
Git Shabbos – Yanky Daskal
Lechu Dodi – Dudi Kalish