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On Motzei Shabbos in Morocco, there was a special Kumzits featuring Kumzits king Dovy Meisels, to help keep the spirit of Shabbos with everyone for a few more hours.

One of the songs Dovy performed was the hit song “Shabbos Shalom” composed by R’ Cheskie Weisz off this all-star hit album Lev El Haneshama released earlier this year.

This very special Kumzits took place in the beautiful Villa Hotel on Motzei Shabbos, and captured in stunning high quality video for you all to enjoy.

Dovy was accompanied by the talented Neranena Choir from Israel to perform this song that will leave you looking forward to Shabbos each and every day.

One of the highlights of the trip was the visit in the beautiful ancient Jewish quarter of the city of Marrakesh. Once a lively bustling hub of Yiddishkeit that numbered thousands of pious religious Jews, the Jewish quarter is now sadly desolate of the once thriving Jewish community. The streets still bear testimony to their holy past and for just this one shabbos the Jewish flame on Rechov Talmud Torah, where the Slat Al Azama Shul which was built back in 1492 still stands in all it’s glory,

The feeling when you see a beautifully prepared Shabbos The Heiliga Malochim are mamesh walking us home we say

לשבת הבא יהיה כן

Shabbos Shalom