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Reeling from the aftereffects of the barbaric pogroms of Eastern Europe, Jews in the mid-17th century began to feel a glimmer of hope when the news spread through the world that a Messianic era was soon to begin.

All eyes were on a charismatic scholar and mystic named Shabtai Tzvi, proclaimed as the true Messiah by Nathan of Gaza, a mystic healer. Nathan claimed Shabtai Tzvi would defeat the Ottoman Sultan who ruled Jerusalem and lead the Jews to reclaim their homeland.

Shabtai Tzvi rose in fame and was sought out by thousands of believers and skeptics alike, who wanted to determine if he was the true Messiah or not.

Ultimately, his face-off with the Ottoman Sultan would reveal the truth to the world when Shabtai Tzvi was told to convert to Islam, or die. In a shocking twist claimed as “God’s will” Shabtai Tzvi converted, changing his name to Aziz Mehmet Effendi. Three hundred Jews followed him in converting, and this group, now known as Dömneh, have remained a part of Islam until today, dooming the story of Shabtai Tzvi to be an embarrassing stain on Jewish history.

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