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We all have so many dreams. So many things that we wish to do, to accomplish. What scares us sometimes is that voice saying “but what if it doesn’t work out?”.
That’s where this song comes in to remind me:
It’s not about what we accomplish. It’s about us taking that step, going forward and trying. Just by putting your foot forward and putting in your all, you have exalted Gds name. Ultimately our job is to try, to put in hishtadlus.
Gd will be the One to take it one step further and bring it to fruition.
But remember – by giving it our all, we are already shining.

original song : Hanan Ben-Ari
Piano by Shai Bachar
Recorded by Danielle Kapler @ Playmaster studios
Mixed and Master by Amir Efrat
Filmed and Video Edit by Rivkin Media